Strategic Adjustment

Hi, I'm Amanda Becker

As the Founder and CEO of Strategic Adjustment, I'm excited to share my story with you.

Growing up I worked for a small, family owned and operated business. Exposed to the day to day functions and operations, I quickly learned the impact of repeatable processes that yield consistent results. Reaching business growth goals became automatic once marketing campaigns were strategically created and carefully managed. Driven to learn about managing such growth, I earned my bachelor’s degree in operations management. My vision was to help small business owners not only grow with predictability, but manage that growth in an efficient, effective manner. But at the time, I wasn’t sure who I wanted to help.

One day while chatting with my chiropractor I asked how she planned to grow her business. With my background, I was wondering what her current operations and marketing looked like. She explained that “health guru and web guru don’t go hand in hand.” In that moment of clarity, I realized that not only could I help, but that I truly needed to. Finding a way to apply systematized operations to small businesses was pretty exciting in itself, but making it my mission to increase the number of people who choose chiropractic care to treat their symptoms was a perfect fit.

I assembled an expert team of marketers, strategists, designers, analysts, coaches, consultants and even former chiropractors. Together we take a comprehensive approach in working with chiropractors who are serious about growing their business.

Our specialty is chiropractors

Does a generalist manage your marketing? Would you trust a family physician to diagnose and monitor your heart condition? If you prefer to work with a team of specialists that know your industry, your language, and how your practice operates, you’ve come to the right place.

Our approach is customized and comprehensive

We believe that long term, sustainable growth isn’t achieved through marketing campaigns alone. We partner with you to develop a deep understanding of your practice, needs, and goals. If you’re looking for a one-stop-shop to grow your business, let’s talk strategy.

It’s not our mission to work with every practice

We are selective in partnering with a relatively small number of practices nationwide. Focused on a true partnership, we don’t serve multiple chiropractors in an area. If being part of an exclusive group of clients sounds better than working with a big-box chiropractic website company that sells the same solutions to you and your competitors, let’s talk.